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From our Prez

     by Rebecca Baughman     First, I want to thank everyone who made the trip to Indiana this year.  What a wonderful and invigorating time we had!  The presence of so many first time visitors was a sight to behold. While in Indiana, the board of directors of the Androgen Insensitivity Support Group – USA held our annual general meeting, both as a board meeting and a public hearing for those interested in participating. The decision was made to hold next year’s meeting in North Carolina (July 20-22, 2007), spearheaded by our dear Nancy Evans.  The meeting was dubbed “Sweet Tea & Grits,” and promises to be an exciting time.  The decision was made to continue with the three day format, a great way to make certain that we had an adequate amount of time to stuff a year’s worth of fun into three days!  I am looking forward to a brilliant time and hope you are as well. The Board also voted on the inclusion of the terminology of “disorders of sex development” in our brochures and on our

Blooming in Bloomington

  by Cindy Stone     On a warm summer weekend, nearly 100 of us rare orchids -- adults, dozens of parents and teens -- gathered in Indiana to give and gain support from each other.  We laughed at funny talents, hugged new friends, ate good Hoosier cookin’ and cried our way through many boxes of Kleenex.  Most of us spent some four days or more on the IU campus with equal times inside and outside the classroom learning more about ourselves and each other.  The evaluations would later say it was a magical weekend … "a weekend we would remember all our lives." For the board and planning committee, the weeks leading up to the 10th anniversary 2006 AISSG-USA National Meeting in Bloomington, were filled with anticipation.  Would enough folks come for three full days of presentations?  Would parents and teens enjoy their new programming?  Our anxiety was for naught because the meeting came off just great, and the orchids were blooming in Bloomington’s sunshine! Thanks to my four mem