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President's Welcome

  by Georgiann Davis     Thank you for visiting the AIS-DSD Support Group. We are a vibrant community of individuals with DSD traits, parents of individuals with DSD traits, and medical providers. All of us are here for you, so please know you are not alone. AIS-DSD Support Group offers support of various forms including resources about various diagnoses, newsletters, and most importantly, the ability to connect with similarly situated others. Each year we hold an annual conference that lasts a long weekend usually in June or July.  While the conference is held in a different location each year (for example, in 2013 we met in Boston and in 2012 we met in Oklahoma City), the core of the conference remains the same.  Medical professionals speak to our members about scientific advancements, parents discuss their experiences with other parents, and adults with intersex traits share their thoughts and feelings in private sessions.  In the evenings, we also make room for some fun including k