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A Message From Our President

b y Kimberly Saviano I want to wish everyone very happy holidays! 2017 has gone by far too quickly and it's been an amazing year. We've had some incredible successes including the wonderful Phoenix conference in the summer, the Human Rights Watch publication , the statement released by the North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology , a successful shift from the Orchid Connect forum to Facebook groups, and the initiative to restart the monthly newsletter! We also experienced some losses, including people we loved, and decisions and practices continuing that we all wish would stop. We continue our work to support, educate, and do outreach to foster healthy outcomes for adults, youth, children, and families in our community! As we roll into 2018, we're excited by all the initiatives and projects we're working on. In addition to planning our summer conference in Chicago, which may well be the largest conference we've ever hosted, we are looking into