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A Message From Our President

  by Kimberly Saviano       How is it possible that summer is already winding down? People going back to school, taking those last moments of summer vacation before Labor Day, and getting ready for cooler weather coming. Time moves so quickly, and these seasonal transitions put us in mind for planning, preparation, and thinking about the future. To that end, I'll be hosting a new series of conference calls to dig in to the long term planning for this organization and putting together the strategic vision for the next several years of the group. So much about our organization is changing and our growth has been outstanding. The first meeting will be on Tuesday evening, September 19th . Anyone who is interested and has the skills to contribute, please contact me at so we can talk about it. As things coalesce and we move forward, I'll use the newsletter to keep everyone updated! Along these lines of thinking of our combined future, election