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Spirituality & Diversity:

by Lynnell Stephani Long In a few weeks the AIS-DSD Support Group conference will take place, this year in Denver. I am both excited and nervous. Lately I’ve been going through some sort of spiritual metamorphosis and it’s making me think a lot about not only the people I want in my life, but also the spiritual path I am taking. This year I can honestly say I feel my spiritual path and my intersexuality path are the same, for now. I have been a devout Buddhist and Pagan for as long as I’ve been sober, 23 years. Yet at the same time I can say I have moments where I struggle with my spirituality. Someone said, when life gives you lemons make lemonade.  What they fail to realize is it takes some sort of sweetener to make lemonade, otherwise you’re still stuck with a pocket of lemons. My sweetener has always been a belief that I am exactly where I belong. By holding that truth I can say the days I struggle with Buddhism or Paganism are so for I can learn. Frederick Douglas once said, “With