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Dr. Arlene Baratz: Recipient of Award

        Our colleagues at interACT announced last week that Dr. Arlene Baratz is the recipient of the 2022 Anne Tamar-Mattis Award , which recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to intersex rights. interACT writes “Dr. Arlene Baratz is exceptionally deserving of this award, as demonstrated by over two decades of trailblazing leadership in medical research and education, commitment to accurate representation of intersex persons in the media, and leadership in peer support to intersex individuals and families”. InterConnect has long been the recipient of Dr. Baratz’s leadership and wisdom.  She is a staple of the InterConnect community and significantly contributed to implementation of our parent and youth programming at our conferences during her many years on the board of directors. Well done, Dr. Baratz! Read interACT’s blog post here .