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Grabbing on to Good Feelings

    by Orchid Press     Thanks to everyone for completing the annual questionnaire last fall.  In the questionnaire, there was a request for newsletter topics, and one of the suggestions was a discussion of the positive aspects of AIS.  At the 2004 Annual Meeting in Madison, attendees were asked a series of questions about their AIS experiences and one of those questions just happened to be "tell us something that you like about having AIS."  A small sampling of the responses follows: Great skin, no periods! (A very popular response!) Supportive friends. I like being unique and special. A slightly more developed sympathy for people marginalized by society. Being a super-woman. Helping others who in turn help me. Being loved and accepted by my spouse, just the way I am. I have learned a lot about human development and genetics. So, if you find yourself experiencing self doubt or inadequacy, just remember what makes you special and unique.  Perhaps you have your own personal re

Taking the Leap into Adoption

      by Orchid Press     Many AIS women feel the pull towards motherhood, but when it comes time to begin the adoption process numerous questions come to mind.  Where do I begin my search?  What does the adoption process involve?  Are there local adoption agencies that I can turn to? The first step you may want to consider is to search your state’s government website under the “health and family services” or “department of social services” section.  Go to Google, or another search engine, and type in “State of [type in the state in which you reside].”  Note: adding quotation marks around your search phrase will help narrow your search.  A listing for your state’s website should be the first item on the list. Click on the link.  Next, you should see links to various state departments or a search engine to search the state website (type in “Adoption in [the state in which you reside]” in the search engine for links to adoption resources).  Many states have a list of certified adoption a