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Catching up with the ‘Prez'...

     by Marissa Jaye     It has been almost three months since we gathered in Chicago.  I feel nostalgic just thinking back on our weekend together.  I realize that it passes so quickly and that we all crave more.  The newsletter is one of many resources that we have available to help us keep in contact.  Thank you to Nancy and to all who have contributed. Any one of us who has attended one of our annual conferences realizes that it takes a tribe to create a meeting.  I want to give a special thanks to Tryla who truly went above and beyond to make this year’s conference a success.  I also want to thank our exiting board and current board for the many hours dedicated to our gathering.  I think you will all agree that our meetings are priceless and it is because of these women that things went off as well as they did.  My deep gratitude goes out to each of you. I think we all can agree that the biggest impact of the weekend was our time to share our stories.  One of the biggest pieces of

Five Words that Changed My Life…

    by Ann of Michigan       Enlightening, Encouraging, Engaging, Empowering …but most importantly, Embracing 46 XY would be the five words that I find to be most definitive about my very first International AISSG Conference. Within one week of being introduced to sweet Jeanne Nollman by email, I as excitedly in route to meet her in person in Chicago as well to meet others like myself for the very first time.  We had no spare money for me to go (especially at the last minute), but all I knew was that I had to go, and my husband really wanted me to!  This was one of those “all hell couldn’t hold me back” moments!! Suffering a lifetime of trying to understand the frustrating dynamics of my own body, I was now on the yellow brick road to self discovery. Like the zany trio characters of the Wizard of Oz I was no longer satisfied with the imprisonment of my shame.  I was now pressing into the hope of getting a new heart, a new brain…to get courage!  I wanted to “come home” to that which I