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What This Group Has Meant To Me

A disclosure story for Intersex Awareness Day: by Mary Mihevic   I write this because I stand with my intersex siblings together to say, we exist, we are not tokens, and we will no longer let the medical community violate our basic human rights and mutilate us or lie to us! Here’s why: it is 2017 and we STILL have Intersex Genital Mutilation, IN THIS COUNTRY. WE HAVE DOCTORS IGNORING THE INFORMED CONSENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL. We have fear and shame based thinking that is taking away self-determination. We have doctors influencing parents to alter babies genitals, to ‘assign’ them a biological sex when there is some visible ambiguity. We also have cancer “risk” being used as a scare tactic, without any real evidence of increased risk. I AM A WOMAN, I AM A HUMAN, I HAVE AN INTERSEX CONDITION. When I was diagnosed, my story was told to some of those that I thought were friends that would be there for me and show me love. Yet, my story was taken away from me, twisted, and used to mock me. I’M