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A Message From the President:

by Mary Mihevic Yesterday I was invited to participate in the first ever Intersex Awareness Day zoom round-table discussion with staff from the White House & Health and Human Services! I represented InterConnect Support Group along side interACT , Intersex Justice Project , The Houston Intersex Society , and other phenomenal intersex leaders/activists.  It was an honor to be at the table and to watch our community speak truth to power.  We collectively shared our concerns for the human rights issues, body autonomy, and health care crises that we face against the lack of culturally competent intersex care and legal protections under discrimination laws.  We also collectively noted issues that real data on intersex people and qualitative research has been suppressed by the medical establishment who are threatened to become obsolete in "treating" through pushing a surgical agenda; and also that intersex people and families from abroad approach us looking for help as they fe