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I Was Born Looking Like Other Baby Girls

by ''Cindy'' I was born looking like other baby girls, and my intersexuality was not uncovered until age 17, when I visited a doctor since I did not menstruate. My doctor discovered I had male gonads and XY chromosomes, but — following standard medical practice in the 1970’s — lied to me about what they had found.  They simply told me I couldn't have children due to a "birth defect", but there was nothing to worry about, as I was a completely normal female.    I did not learn the full truth and the significant health risks of my syndrome until age 34 in the early 1990’s. I have the complete form of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.   Standard medical protocols today urge individuals with AIS to have our undescended testicles removed in our early 20's to prevent testicular cancer at mid-life.  Had I not become inquisitive on my own at age 34 about my medical needs, I might have developed cancer and died very prematurely – no thanks to these doctors. I ha