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Announcing The 2022 InterConnect Summer Conference!

            Dear InterConnect Community, Happy Spring!  The board just got back from our first in-person board retreat in three years, where we spent a lovely (but cold!) weekend together in Niagara Falls, NY.  We are so excited to host our first conference as InterConnect there in July.  We have so much to celebrate together, and we can't wait to see all of you this Summer. This year's conference theme is "Feel The Rush"!  You'll definitely feel the rush of connection and community as we gather together near Niagara Falls this Summer.  When you walk out of the hotel, you can hear the powerful rush of the falls across the street!  Mist rises as the falls peacefully beckon visitors to enjoy their beauty.  We are excited to come together as a powerful community, before flowing back to our local communities enriched and rejuvenated. This will be the first in-person gathering for the group in three years, and like our recent virtual gatherings we plan to have sessions