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2012 Annual Conference Report & Announcements

    from Jeanne Nollman     IMPRESSIONS OF OUR ANNUAL CONFERENCE: FINDING SELF AND EMBRACING COMMUNITY Our 2012 annual conference in Oklahoma City was a wild success.  The temperatures were fairly mild, and the hotel was very welcoming.  We had about 125 registered participants.  A third were DSD women/children, another third family members/parents, and the remaining third comprised of medical professionals and allies.  Many in attendance were first timers.  Our attendees came from all over the United States, and as far as Italy, Brazil, U.K., and from Canada. Arlene Baratz, mother of two AIS women, medical advisor, and co-moderator of the parent group, hosted a spectacular conference.  There was a diverse mixture of seminars/workshops that provided information and support to all of our attendees.  Subjects covered this year included: mental health, advocacy, DSD 101, informed consent, infertility, adoption, PTSD, and disclosure.  A considerable amount of time was set aside for partici