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A Message From The President

by Mary Mihevic     Hi everyone! I am grateful for this opportunity to serve my community and to help lead this group into the future. We started off nearly a quarter century ago and we've grown to become so much more! We've blossomed into a vibrant peer based community and my goal is to find ways to enhance this. I'd like to have member voice and transparency become more of a driving force than ever, so please consider getting involved in a committee because we're strongest as a community when we work together to make our group better! As 2020 moves forward we plan to transition to the name InterConnect. Please stay tuned as we'd like input and creative ideas about our opportunity to re-brand. We'd like to get the website revamped and also consider a new logo. We want member ideas and contribution to be a part of this process. I do ask for your patience with the legal process of the name change, as we move forward, it may be necessary to complete after we handl

A Message From Kimberly

b y Kimberly Saviano In late 1998, I was 28 years old; lonely, despondent, and suicidal because of a condition that I didn't understand and which I thought isolated me from everyone. I'd never allowed myself to be in any kind of romantic relationship because I just knew they'd find out about my terrible secret and that would be the worst thing in the world. I tried to fill my world with other distractions and activities, but the depression and anxiety continued to get worse and worse. I know I wouldn't have survived through the end of that year if I hadn't found this support group. But finding the group, making my first contact, attending my first conference, meeting the friends who I will always love and admire, and being nurtured as we all contributed our stories and voices to this group, made it possible for me to thrive. My own story sounds melodramatic to me now, I've told it so many times; and the life I lead now makes it almost impossible to believe that