Dear InterConnect Community


 by Rebecca Baughman Kerns




As I sit here and reflect on the past two years, I’m so proud of the many milestones we achieved.  The in-person conference in Minneapolis was not only well-received but also a testament to the strength of our community.  Every time I turned around, I saw a new connection being made, a new memory being formed or a new friendship created.  The impulse to connect, as often as we can, is not to be overlooked.  Whether you have attended one conference or dozens, they are life changing.  Minnesota showcased many of the victories happening in our own community.  We had the chance to sit together and watch a documentary about our community, giving voice to our lives.  I hope everyone reading this has the opportunity to get together with others in the intersex community.  If you cannot make it to a meet-up, let us help you create one in your own area.

Our monthly Zoom meetings have served as a lifeline through the past few turbulent years, providing a platform for participants to share, support, and find camaraderie with each other.  Our community has continually come together to uplift one another, proving that our strength lies in unity.   We have so much to learn from each other, and I hope that this continues well into the future.

It is amazing to watch the world learn more about the intersex community, as we become stronger and begin to speak out.  Recent films and memoirs are contributing to the broader narrative of the intersex experience, and these voices are crucial in dismantling misconceptions and fostering empathy within our society.

I am so grateful to be a part of this dynamic community.  These past few years have been both exciting and challenging for the board and so many members of our community.  The work this board is doing is immense.  I am so grateful for the support, passion, and dedication each board member and volunteer has brought to our cause this past year.

I cannot overstate the professionalism and enthusiasm this new board is bringing to the table in 2024.  As I say goodbye to my role, I am thrilled to announce that Nick Vary will be stepping up to lead the new board as President.  Nick brings a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication to the cause.  I am confident that under Nick’s guidance, InterConnect will continue to thrive and evolve.  We are also so blessed to have Adam Davies begin their first term as Secretary, as well as Ravid Nash continue her role as Treasurer.

My dear friends – it has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your President for the last two years.  Thank you for entrusting me with this responsibility.  I have full faith that the InterConnect community will continue to flourish, and I am excited to witness the incredible journey that lies ahead.

Wishing you all continued success, growth, and unity.

With heartfelt gratitude,

 -- Rebecca Baughman Kerns

Outgoing InterConnect Board President


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