A Message From Our President

by Kimberly Saviano

As winter moves slowly towards spring, you might be thinking "Oh, the conference is so far out, I wish I could see everyone sooner!" but for this Board of Directors we're thinking "What? there are only 20 weeks left to the conference! We have so much to do!" Please keep your ideas coming for sessions and workshops that you would like to see and attend. Is there a topic you wish were covered? Let us know what that is, even if you don't know who could speak on it. Know someone who would give a great talk? Encourage them to submit a session or let us know and we'll reach out!

And while we're talking with people to make this a fantastic conference, we're getting ready to open registration in the next few weeks. We'll also have our applications for scholarships for those who need help with conference registration. Meanwhile, we're now looking for nominations for the Board and for a new Secretary officer position. This year, we're going to conduct our elections AT the conference and over the next few months, we'll talk with potential candidates; and you'll get the chance to know them better before the election.

We have a lot of other projects in the works as well, including a website migration to a new server, which will be faster! We won't immediately be working on a website redesign, but that is coming. We're looking to form a committee of creative and knowledgeable folks who want to help us improve our content and design. Even if you don't have website experience, it is a great opportunity to learn! If you are interested, please contact us! Our Facebook groups are a great way to share ideas and discussion and we always want to hear more from our members to make this group great! Have a terrific start to spring and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Kimberly Saviano
President, AIS-DSD Support Group


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