A Message From the President:

by Mary Mihevic


InterConnect (transforming from AIS-DSD) is committed to improving, growing, and learning from the highs, and lows, we have all experienced over our 25 year history. We look forward to incorporating the ideas and suggestions we received in the diversity listening session and from your conference feedback as we move forward through the future.

InterConnect is on the final step of our legal name change!  We're just waiting on confirmation from the state where we're incorporated, and once we receive that notification, all of our group's private and public sites and our banking name will change.

In a year like 2020, where distancing and concern for maintaining health are a central focus for most of us, it is more clear than ever that our connections to one another are so important and truly valuable.  We hope to increase the group's ability to maintain this connection throughout the year.

It was really wonderful to see so many of you during our Virtual Conference.  It was also still difficult for me, and many of us, after it was over.  Post conference crash is real.  If you're feeling like I did, then I encourage you to continue to meet with other community members by joining our monthly hangouts.

We're hoping to expand our reach with monthly hangouts and we are considering group specific hangouts - adults, parents, youth, game nights for all, etc. - as we move forward.  If you're interested in hosting any of these with us, we'd love your help.

Wishing you, and yours, continued health and safety!

-Mary Mihevic, InterConnect Board President


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