Club Q Tragedy Recognition

A Message From InterConnect

Dear InterConnect Community,
We are heartbroken, outraged, and horrified by the deadly attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs last Saturday night where 5 people lost their lives and at least 18 were injured. As an organization of intersex people, we deeply value the power and belonging of community spaces, and recognize just how terrifying and tragic it is for such unspeakable violence to devestate a nightclub that many have described as one of the few places they felt safe to be themselves alongside chosen family.

We want to remember and recognize the five individuals whose lives were cut devastatingly short by this act of violence and hatred. You can read more about their lives, as well as words of remembrance.
Daniel Aston 28 (he/him)
Kelly Loving 40 (she/her)
Ashley Paugh 35 (she/ her)
Raymond Green Vance 22 (he/him)
Derrick Rump 38 (he/him)

We send love, support, and care to all our InterConnect community during this terrible time, and especially to our members in Colorado. While no words or actions feel adequate in response to this kind of tragedy, we encourage those who want to contribute to the victims and families impacted by the Club Q shooting to donate to the official fundraiser. We continue to offer our Facebook and Discord groups as spaces for community care and processing, and everyone is welcome to reach out to the board and staff through email.
In community,
InterConnect Board + Staff


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